COVID-19 traffic light rating system: Maximum clarity for your BusinessRun!

Dear BusinessRunners,

Within the previous two years, we have learned that the pandemic is difficult to predict and causes a remarkable level of uncertainty for any planning or scheduling actions.

For you, as participants and partners of the BusinessRun, the situation was just as unsatisfactory.

In the meanwhile, we have learned a lot in terms of COVID-19 compliant implementation of our running events. Therefore, we are hopeful and optimistic that in summer of 2022, we can return to live events and enjoy running all together.

We have a clear resolution: No event will be postponed or canceled! The BusinessRun will take place on the scheduled date in summer 2022 and might be adjusted according to current CovidCheck regularities. This being said, your health and safety is our main priority. Depending on the pandemic situation and regulatory requirements, full vaccination status and a daily updated negative test might become mandatory for attending the BusinessRun.

The following “COVID-19 traffic light” will show you the permanently updated event set up for the BusinessRun 2022:

Green: The live event will take place without any significant restrictions, with mass starts and a framework program featuring live music, company marquees, catering, etc. Look forward to the BusinessRun as you know it.

Yellow: The situation is almost back to normal! The live event takes places with minor restrictions. Distance and hygiene rules apply, wave starts for runners, enlarged event areas and the framework program may be reduced. The participants wear masks before and after the run, the number of participants may also be limited. But: You celebrate with your colleagues, the presenter and the DJ are there too and a cool drink is waiting for you after crossing the finish line.

Orange: The situation has improved. The live event is limited to the course and the run, the framework program has to be cancelled. The live event can be spread over several days, running times can be measured via a permanently installed timing system of our partner raceresult. But you can get out and run!

Red: The BusinessRun will take as virtual event. Everyone runs their favorite course using the free viRACE app, and yet everyone runs together. That’s what we call virtual team building at its best. The starter package with bib number is still included for all runners. The framework program goes virtual.

No matter what color the traffic light shows on the scheduled event day – your BusinessRun will provide a virtual option to all runners interested. This way, vulnerable groups and your colleagues from other locations can also participate.

For us, this means: We have a plan A, B and C and adapt the implementation of the event to the pandemic.
For you, this means: You can plan your BusinessRun participation and motivate your colleagues.

We look forward to many (live) encounters with you and your colleagues.

Best regards, stay healthy and keep moving!

Your BusinessRun-Team