Welcome to the finish line! It's done

The Luxembourg Times BusinessRun is over and you have successfully conquered the 5.5 km course with all other BusinessRunners. Congratulations! 

Online certificates


The fastest men in Luxembourg

  1. "Blitz" in 00:53:32,98 min from Trappen Echafaudage Sàrl
  2. "Freelander's 1" in 00:53:52,32 min from Freelander's
  3. "The fast geek" in 00:58:12,72 min from PwC

The fastest women in Luxembourg

  1. "Elsa, Sabrina + Silvia" in 1:13:13 hrs from Institut National des Langues
  2. "The 3 REU Musketeers" in 1:25:39,92 hrs from Revantage Europe Luxembourg
  3. "InCA-2" in 1:29:38,95 hrs from InCA – Ingénieurs Conseils Associés

The fastest mixed trio in Luxembourg

  1. "508 PSE" in 0:59:24,70 min from CAR Avenue
  2. "Infirmière COUVRAT Noémie" in 1:04:01,48 hrs from Infirmière COUVRAT Noémie
  3. "Beauty and the Beasts" in 1:05:20,40 hrs from Revantage Europe Luxembourg

The fittest workforce in Luxembourg

  1. Clearstream with 117 participants
  2. Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. with 94 participants
  3. Merbag S.A. with 59 participants

The most original team in Luxembourg

  1. "Govite 19“ from the Chamber of Commerce
  2. "Road Runners Meep Meep“ from Fast Track Diagnostics
  3. "Couch Gromperekicherlchers“ from the European Investment Bank

The funniest outfit

  1. SGI Ingénierie SA Luxembourg
  2. Compass Group
  3. MG-Run

Special category: Team Handwierk – Let'z run

In collaboration with the Chambre des Métiers (Chamber of Skilled Crafts) we award a price to the fastest mixed team of a craft business, referenced in the luxemburgish Register of Skilled Crafts.

  1. "Heinen Home Design One" in 1:13:36,29 hrs from Heinen Home Design
  2. "GABBANAELCOM 2" in 1:25:05 hrs from GABBANAELCOM
  3. "Office team" in 1:39:40,87 hrs from PUTMAN LUX SA