Run and celebrate together.

The Luxembourg Times BusinessRun is the company run starting under the motto "Run & Dance", including an AfterRun-Party for everyone!

Harmonise work and sporting activity and take part in the Luxembourg Times BusinessRun with your colleagues. Whether young or old, beginner or trained runner, the emphasis at the Luxembourg Times BusinessRun is on companionship and not on maximum sporting performance.

"Team spirit with team sport" is the idea behind the Luxembourg Times BusinessRun. The mutual running experience activates a feeling of solidarity among colleagues and creates an improved work climate. "Team spirit" boosts identification with your company and promotes both motivation and performance in the workplace. "Team sport" improves personal well-being, serves to release stress and makes a major contribution to preserving and promoting health.

The relaxing atmosphere at the end of the day in the BusinessRun Village at the AfterRun Party completes the perfect team event for your company.

Be there and celebrate an unforgettable sports party with your colleagues

All Key Facts about the event

"Don't drink and run – the party takes place after the run"


High spirits at the AfterRun Party and in the BusinessRun Village!

After the finishing line in the Coque Arena, the Luxembourg Times BusinessRun is not yet finished by a long way – because, if you can run, you can also celebrate and dance! The extensive, freely accessible BusinessRun Village in front of the Coque and the AfterRun Party invite all runners, colleagues, friends and relatives as well as all cheerleaders along the track to a memorable conclusion to the evening. Our catering partners will of course ensure that there’s plenty to eat, with a whole range of delicious drinks and different dishes.

Live music with the live band and high-profile DJs will ensure a great mood and the perfect party atmosphere in the exclusive AfterRun Party location.